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What’s in Your Attic?

They are driving us all NUTS!

The Roof RatAre squirrels in the attic again? You need someone to hunt them down and remove them and their nest.  However, what you think are squirrels may actually be roof rats. For many years these roof rats have plagued several Houston neighborhoods. They are skilled at walking the telephone and electric wires connected to your house to get on the roof and find an entrance to the attic. They grow to be about the same size as a squirrel, but they breed and multiply much faster. Once in the attic, they will find or create an entry to the inside of your home where they will feast every night of any food available. You most likely need an experienced exterminator to rid your home of the roof rats. Squirrels usually can be humanely removed.

Repairs Will Be Needed

Either way, the pests will need to be removed and the roof and siding repaired to prevent re-entry. Any holes found must be closed and the branches the squirrels are climbing up to get on the roof will need to be eliminated. You will probably need a roofing contractor to repair the roof, the siding, and all entry points that are allowing access to your home or business. In most cases they start adding aluminum metal over the entry points to ensure no re-entry is permitted, unsightly never the less effective until proper repairs can be achieved.

Shingle Roofing

Using lead collars isn’t normal for shingle roofs, but have become a better choice for leaking pipe collars and pre-mature plumbing vent problems versus the standard plastic collars. The problem we see in Houston with lead plumbing collars is that squirrels love to chew on the lead to sharpening their teeth as seen above. So your pricey lead collar has now become a chew toy for the local squirrels, and once they are using your collars for sharpening their teeth, odds are they are now going to chew through your massonite (cardboard) siding and make a lovely comfy home in your attic

Commercial Property

Your commercial property is not immune to these same pests. Squirrels are attracted to the tasty granules from a commercial flat roof modified system. “The tiny stones help sharpen the teeth which are better to eat you with,” said the squirrel. Now the exposed roofing fibers are subject to heat and sure enough, will shorten the roof life cycle

When either of these pests invades your home or business, you are going to need professional services to remove them and do the necessary repairs to prevent their re-entry.